Pulls are a core exercise of a great fitness routine.

Building the Perfect Fitness Routine, Element by Element

Getting back into top physical shape could be one of your most important self-development projects. A comprehensive, well-rounded workout routine can push you higher and farther than you’d ever imagined was possible, leaving you in peak physical, emotional and psychological condition.… Read the rest

How to Do a Wrist Curl

Wrist curls are an isolation exercise that are well suited to beginners as well as advanced weight lifters. The exercise focuses on the somewhat overlooked forearm muscles and wrists. The seated nature of the exercise makes it accessible to a wider range of fitness enthusiasts as well.… Read the rest

How to Do an Upright Row

The upright row is an excellent yet advanced choice for those looking increase their shoulder and upper body strength. This exercise specifically targets the trapezius of the back, the deltoids of the shoulder and the biceps of the upper arm.… Read the rest

How to Do a Triceps Extension

Triceps extensions are a simple yet very effective exercise for working these muscles of the upper arms. While the movement targets long, medial and lateral heads of the triceps, the maneuver specifically hits the long head.… Read the rest

How to Do a Supine Row

This is an excellent exercise to add to your routine if you’re looking to strengthen your pulling muscles. It is much more accessible to the average gym enthusiast and can go a long way toward building the muscles required to a complete a pull-up.… Read the rest

How to Do a Standing Calf Raise

Standing calf raises are a great, low-impact addition to your “leg day” routine, which can be performed with or without any additional weight. Calf raises are an isolation exercise that targets the gastrocnemius and the soleus of the calves.… Read the rest