What Does the Alabama Board of Athletic Trainers Do?

One of the most important government bodies protecting the rights of professional athletes in the State of Alabama is the Alabama Board of Athletic Trainers. You may have heard of this organization in passing, or perhaps you’ve read about the law that created it. But what exactly is the purpose of this entity?

Below, we’ll explain what the Alabama Board of Athletic Trainers does and how they offer licenses. 

What is the Board’s Mission?

The Alabama Board of Athletic Trainers is dedicated to providing a safe, fair, and honest environment for those seeking athletic training by means of government regulation. It was created as a result of the Alabama Athletic Trainers Licensure Act in 1993, in response to the need for such a regulating body for professional athletes in the area. 

Ever since this legislation passed, the board works had to ensure that all professional athletic trainers are fully qualified to perform this duty and are thus engaging in honest business practices.

Who is On the Board?

This organization is operated by a group of ten experienced industry professionals, including: 

  • Several licensed trainers
  • Three physicians
  • The president of the Alabama Athletic Trainers Association

The names of each board member can be found on the organization’s website.

How Does the Board Provide Licenses?

Those interested in obtaining a license can fill out an application on the board’s website by sending in proof of identification and certification. Some continuing education requirements may need to be completed if necessary. Candidates will also need to be aware of the annual emergency cardiac care guidelines.

The board can also renew a license upon request, since the documentation expires annually, or verify a license to another state for a small fee of $25.

You can find out how to become a licensed personal trainer in Alabama here.

Final Thoughts

The Alabama Board of Athletic Trainers has been championing the rights of athletes in this state for almost two decades and will continue to protect Alabama residents from dishonest and underqualified athletic trainers for many years to come.