Why Study Exercise Science at the University of Alabama?

The University of Alabama exercise science department is a member of the American Kinesiology Association, and one of the leading providers of Kinesiology Studies in the U.S. Courses allow students to specialize in exercise science, physical education, and other key disciplines in the field and provide excellent opportunities for graduates.

The Kinesiology Department forms part of UA’s College of Education in Tuscaloosa.

If you’re interested in a potential career in exercise science, read on to learn more about the University of Alabama’s program, including details on curriculum, tuition, and job prospects. 

About at the University of Alabama

The University of Alabama specializes in high-quality research and providing opportunities for its students. It is recognized as a Very High Research Activity doctoral institution and offers a welcoming, diverse campus where everyone is given full support to achieve their potential.

University of Alabama Exercise Science Programs

The University of Alabama works closely with the American Kinesiology Association to deliver the highest-quality programs available. While there are many degrees available, the most notable is a B.S. Ed. in Kinesiology. 

B.S. Ed. in Kinesiology (Exercise Science)

This degree combines intensive coursework with laboratory studies to give students an ideal grounding to progress into careers in sports science or health and fitness-related areas. It also paves the way for further studies such as our Master of Arts in Sport Pedagogy or a Ph.D. in Exercise Science or Sport Pedagogy.

Program Curriculum

The degree has components including:

  • Coursework. The intensive coursework component focuses on theoretical knowledge of kinesiology processes and practices. The department works closely with the American Kinesiology Association to ensure its teaching is up-to-date and assessment is rigorous.
  • Laboratory work. This focuses on giving students a grounding in the laboratory techniques associated with exercise science and physical wellbeing. Students will gain strong practical knowledge that will equip them for careers in related fields.
  • One-to-one supervision. The University of Alabama prides itself on the individual care and attention shown to its students.

How to Apply

To apply for this program, visit the application portal here.

Tuition Fees & Financial Information

The University of Alabama makes every effort to give full value for its affordable tuition. Full information about undergraduate fees can be accessed here.

University of Alabama Exercise Science Prospects & Outlook

As well as the highest-quality tuition, the department endeavors to offer the best prospects for its students after graduation. We offer networking opportunities with other members of the American Kinesiology Association, and many of our students go onto professions such as:

  • Exercise physiologist
  • Sports development officer
  • Teacher
  • Graduate researcher
  • Health instructor

Other Programs

The department also offers a program focusing on physical education, which is often favored by students planning to progress into teaching roles. In addition, the University of Alabama offers graduate degrees in the same field — more information can be found here.

Learn More About the University of Alabama Exercise Science Programs

Curious to learn more information about the opportunities in the University of Alabama Exercise Science programs? We recommend reading the progam’s official website and reaching out to the administration with any further questions.

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