Becoming a Personal Trainer in Wyoming

Certified personal trainers do more than help people reach their fitness goals-they also use their knowledge of nutrition and how the human body works to develop comprehensive health and exercise plans, while cheering their clients on and encouraging them to continue working toward their goals.

As a certified personal trainer in Wyoming, you might work with clients in small groups or individually in a variety of settings, from fitness centers and gyms to rehabilitation centers and schools. You may even work with clients at their own homes. You’ll need to be a good communicator who is able to clearly explain exercises and be a patient cheerleader as well.

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First Steps to Working as a Personal Trainer in Wyoming

A certified personal trainer in Wyoming must be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or GED. Most employers will also ask you to obtain your AED and CPR certifications, which are available through Red Cross-sponsored classes.

No other formal qualifications are needed to work as a personal trainer. However, becoming a certified personal trainer by taking a national exam can qualify you for higher-paying jobs and a larger number of roles, helping you to advance your career.

Personal Trainer Certification in Wyoming

By taking a national certification exam, you show employers that you have specialized knowledge and a strong commitment to success in your chosen career field. You may also qualify for better-compensated roles as a result. There are several classes and exams available, including the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and American Council on Exercise (ACE). Each of these programs has its own prerequisites, course structure and final exam, so it may be beneficial to spend some time researching each to find the best fit for you.

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Advanced Degrees in Wyoming

While an associate’s or bachelor’s degree is not necessary, pursuing one in physical education, health sciences, exercise science or a related field can help you improve your personal training knowledge and client offerings.

  • University of Wyoming. The University of Wyoming offers a degree in kinesiology and health promotion and one in physical education teaching. Both offer internship and research opportunities, including options based abroad.
  • Laramie County Community College. Students at Laramie County Community College can receive an associate’s degree in exercise science. In this two-year program, students will learn about the functions of the human body, how fitness and nutrition impact health, and how to teach and evaluate exercises and injury prevention methods.
  • Sheridan College. Sheridan’s two-year degree in exercise science uses classroom instruction and hands-on learning to teach the basics of safe, healthy exercise principles. The school uses industry-leading technology and equipment in its courses.

Statewide Career and Salary Projections for Personal Trainer in Wyoming

According to the Projections Managing Partnership, jobs for fitness instructors, certified personal trainers and related professionals are expected to increase by 10 percent nationwide in the 10 years to 2026. In Wyoming, growth is expected to keep pace at 9.1 percent during the same time period.

Personal trainers and other fitness instructors average salaries of $34,600 per year in Wyoming, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you are compensated on an hourly basis instead, you can expect an average payment of $16.64 per hour in this field. Those who are certified generally earn higher salaries.

Working as a Certified Personal Trainer in Wyoming

Certified personal trainers in Wyoming enjoy several options when it comes to choosing an employer. They can work in schools, gyms, fitness centers and rehabilitation centers, among other facilities. Jobs at established businesses are typically available in urban areas, such as Cheyenne, where higher pay compensates for the increased cost of living. Certified personal trainers may also choose to start their own businesses and offer private training options, allowing them to find work wherever there is demand. In both scenarios, certified personal training can be an ideal career choice for people who enjoy physical fitness and motivating others to succeed.

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