How to Become a Personal Trainer in Texas

Are you a fitness and nutrition buff? And do you enjoy sharing your wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm with others? If you would like to help people succeed in their own personal transformations toward better health, and you’re comfortable motivating others when they’ve become discouraged, you might consider becoming a personal fitness trainer.

Certified personal trainers in Texas have the knowledge and ability to help others reach their fitness goals. Whether through inspiration, psychology, or just plain old sweat and tears, personal trainers know how to help their clients through the challenges of creating and maintaining healthier lifestyles.

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Personal Trainer Requirements in Texas

A high school diploma or GED equivalent is required to obtain certification as a personal trainer. In Texas, certified personal trainers do not require licensure; however, it is necessary to obtain professional certification from one of several organizations. Generally, each requires a certain number of prerequisites, including testing.

Personal Trainer Certification in Texas

Some organizations that provide certification are:

Most of the above programs go beyond offering certification for personal training, with specialty certifications and continuing education opportunities.

Programs for Becoming a Certified Personal Trainer in Texas

Many suitable programs exist throughout the state to provide training for those interested in a career as a certified personal trainer. A small selection of available programs follows:

  • Palo Alto College in San Antonio offers an Associates in Arts in Kinesiology and Health. Students will study the science of movement to learn how to improve overall health for themselves and those they work with. Students will be prepared to transfer to another institution to pursue a bachelor’s degree or postgraduate level of education.
  • El Paso Community College in El Paso offers an Associate of Arts in Kinesiology. This program prepares students to transfer to a Bachelor of Science level program, especially programs that focus on physical education, coaching, exercise science, fitness careers or preparation for graduate studies in either physical or occupational therapy.
  • Central Texas College in Killeen offers an Associate of Science in Kinesiology. This program promises students the skills, knowledge and confidence needed to succeed in a fitness career. Graduates enjoy careers in personal fitness training, athletic training, teaching, coaching, adaptive physical education and recreation.
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Job Growth Outlook and Salary Expectations for Personal Trainer in Texas

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean hourly income for fitness and aerobics instructors in Texas in 2018 was $18.58, with a mean annual income of $38, 650. Those with the additional education needed to be employed as Exercise Physiologists made an average of $46,240 in the same year.

In 2016, 16,960 certified professional trainers were employed throughout the state of Texas, with a projected 19,760 to be employed by the year 2026, which would be a 16.5 percent rate of growth. This is ahead of the national job growth projection of 10 percent for this field. In Texas, an average of 3,320 jobs opens each year for personal fitness trainers.

Opportunities and Employment for Personal Trainer in Texas

Certified personal trainers in Texas can primarily be found working in gyms and fitness centers; however, there are many other possible employers, including educational institutions, social organizations and government organizations. For those with an interest in business, there is also the possibility of being self-employed and working for private clients, or even owning a gym.

In Texas, potential employers include Gold’s Gym, 24 Hour Fitness, Tate Incorporated, Booz Allen Hamilton, Leidos, Shalom Austin, Exos, Texas A&M University and Trustmark Companies.

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