Becoming a Personal Trainer in North Carolina

Are you interested in fitness and health? Can you see yourself working daily in a fitness center? Do you have good interpersonal skills, especially when it comes to motivating others? Do you wish you could share your health and fitness knowledge with others and help them attain their goals?

If so, a career as a certified personal trainer in North Carolina might be for you! Certified personal trainers work with clients, often in the setting of a gym or fitness center, to help them achieve a better level of fitness. As a certified personal trainer, you might be involved in planning training programs, educating clients on proper techniques or helping them stick to their nutrition plan. This highly rewarding career allows you to help others in the best possible way.

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Requirements for Certified Personal Trainer in North Carolina

Certified personal trainers do not need to be licensed in the state of North Carolina; however, certain prerequisites might be required prior to seeking certification. Possibilities include a high school diploma or Basic Life Support certification by the American Heart Association.

Personal Trainer Certification in North Carolina

There are many organizations that provide certification to personal trainers. Some of the more popular ones include:

Once the certification has been achieved, those wishing to keep it updated might be required to perform ongoing continuing education.

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North Carolina Universities Suitable for Certified Personal Trainer Programs

North Carolina has many programs within the state with Bachelor of Science degrees for those wishing to pursue a career in athletics; however, very little exists beneath this degree level. Some possibilities for baccalaureate-level education include:

Salary and Job Growth Projection for Personal Trainers in North Carolina

The Bureau of Labor Statistics, citing data from 2018, lists the average annual salary for fitness trainers and aerobics instructors as $37,020, with an average hourly wage of $17.80. Jobs in this category within the state are expected to grow by 15.9 percent from the years 2016 to 2026, with the number of jobs increasing from 10,510 to 12,180. This is above the national projected job growth rate of 10 percent for this field. On average, 2,040 jobs are expected to be available for this category yearly throughout North Carolina.

Career Opportunities for Personal Trainer in North Carolina

Although the bulk of certified personal trainers in North Carolina are found working in gyms and fitness centers, they can also be found in community organizations, schools, private corporations, government organizations and as self-employed free agents. Personal trainers enjoy flexible scheduling and the ability to work off-hours. Those who are business-minded could own and run their own business once they become established.

Potential employers in the state of North Carolina for certified personal trainers include Life Time Fitness, Inc., Trustmark Companies-HealthFitness, Planet Fitness, GYMGUYZ, CTL Stat Results, Inc., Leidos, Gold’s Gym, The Mentor Network and WTS International.

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