How to Do a Rear Delt Raise

This exercise can be performed from a number of positions: standing yet bent over, seated, or lying face down on an incline bench. While the maneuver is considered an isolation exercise for its ability to primarily target the posterior deltoids, several other muscles come into play such as the lateral deltoid, trapezius and rhomboid of the back.… Read the rest

How to Do a Lateral Raise

This is a shoulder strengthening exercise that requires the weights to be lifted out to the sides of the body to form a T shape. The movement very specifically targets the lateral and anterior heads of the deltoids (shoulders).… Read the rest

How to Do a Russian Twist

The Russian twist is a deceptively simple-looking exercise that is really effective at strengthening the core and shoulders. The movement is performed from a seated position and can be easily adapted to suit every level of fitness.… Read the rest