How to Do a Good Morning

A Good Morning is an intermediate compound exercise that requires some previous knowledge of the fundamentals of weight training before attempting. This exercise works multiples muscle groups including the hamstrings of the upper legs, erector spinae of the lower back, the glutes and the abdominals.… Read the rest

How to Do a Push-Up

Push-ups are a body weight exercise that require no extra equipment to complete effectively and can be modified to suit any fitness level. This is a compound movement that is great for targeting multiple muscle groups such as the pectorals of the chest, deltoids in the shoulders, triceps and biceps of the upper arms, the erector spinae of the back, and even the rectus abdominis and transversus abdominis in the core.… Read the rest

How to Do a Wrist Curl

Wrist curls are an isolation exercise that are well suited to beginners as well as advanced weight lifters. The exercise focuses on the somewhat overlooked forearm muscles and wrists. The seated nature of the exercise makes it accessible to a wider range of fitness enthusiasts as well.… Read the rest

How to Do a Hyperextension

Hyperextensions are quite similar to back extensions, except that they work to strengthen the glutes and hamstrings primarily, with the erector spinae of the lower back being secondarily activated. The exercise uses either a hyperextension machine or what’s referred to as a Roman chair, which is a cushioned stool with stabilizer legs.… Read the rest

How to Do a Reverse Grip Push Up

The reverse grip push-up is a bodyweight exercise that gives your biceps an extra challenge. As well as the biceps of the upper arms, this exercise targets the triceps of the arms, the deltoids in the shoulder, and pectorals in the chest.… Read the rest

How to Do a Front Raise

The front raise is considered a fundamental exercise in weight lifting that is perfect for those who are just beginning their weight training journey. The exercise targets the deltoids of the upper arms and upper pectorals of the chest.… Read the rest