How to Dips

Chest dips are a fairly advanced bodyweight exercise in that they may take some time to work up to, but they’re a great addition to any serious fitness enthusiast’s routine. This maneuver is known as a closed kinetic chain exercise for its ability to target opposing muscle groups.… Read the rest

How to do the Perfect Deadlift

A Deadlift is an advanced compound weight lifting exercise that is well known for its ability to build strong legs and glutes. The exercise targets multiple muscles groups including the erector spinae and trapezius of the back, glutes, hips, and core, and the hamstrings of the upper legs.… Read the rest

How to Do a Crunch

Crunches are another classic exercise. While similar to sit-ups, this maneuver specifically targets the abdominals making it an isolation exercise. They are a popular choice for beginners due to the fact that they require no cumbersome equipment to complete.… Read the rest

How to Do a Chest Fly

The chest fly is an excellent exercise for targeting the pectoralis major in the chest, while having the added benefit of working the triceps and shoulders at the same time. This exercise is performed primarily while lying flat on the floor or on a bench, and is also good for giving the lower body a rest if needed.… Read the rest

How to Do a Calf Raise

Stand on the edge of a step. Stand tall with your abdominals pulled in, the balls of your feet firmly planted on the step, and your heels hanging over the edge. Raise your heels a few inches above the edge of the step so that you’re on your tiptoes.… Read the rest

Bench Press

The bench press is a staple exercise in many workout routines. It is considered a compound exercise as it has the ability to target multiple muscle groups at once: the pectoralis major of the chest, anterior deltoids of the shoulder, and triceps brachii of the upper arm.… Read the rest